Elon Musk’s bid to buy twitter for 44 billion was accepted on 25 April 2022. Musk has stated that the reason he bought twitter because he wants to promote free speech on the platform and ...


that in its current state, his personal standards of freedom of expression are not met. To a certain extent, Musk is right, because Twitter has partaken in increasing amount of censorship..

Twitter’s algorithm is also infamous for favoring Left-wing narratives over their Right-wing counterparts. And it’s not just the algorithm that is biased,

Blue Rings

Twitter’s management itself has shown their bias towards Left-wing politics in many instances. The biggest of these incidents was when they banned....


the Ex-President of the United States, Donald Trump, off of the platform.

If Musk truly wishes to promote free speech, then we might see decreased censorship and a more balanced algorithm in place of the existing one.

Now it is true that twitter has a relatively low population of users compared to other social media platforms, but it has been widely regarded as the ‘Town Square’ of the internet.

This is because most high profile announcements are first made on Twitter and celebrities who don’t even use any other social media are often seen having exchanges on Twitter.

Most car companies, for example, have a Twitter handle, though they might not have a Facebook page.


lthough the IT rules and all the earlier attempts were not successful in bending twitter, if Elon Musk is to remain true to his convictions, it could spell the end of Twitter’s resistance against the BJP too.